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We only use professional cosmetic grade paints for you and your family! 

How long will it take and how much will it cost will depend on how many faces you want us to paint.  Contact us to find out and check out our rates and pricing tab.

This is an actual photo of one of our painter's kits!


We are the very best face painters in Columbus!  The ONLY FACE certified Professional in Central Ohio!  A Face Painting Mom, Martha Robbins!

Check out our Gallery below! 

Professional Face Painters

The NAME and address of your Event location! 

PARKING reserved, easy access to your space

A ROOF, Birds gotta go, but not in our paint!

GOOD LIGHT we will have a stick in your child's face, we want to be safe! 

EMPTY, level, dry, clean space of 5 feet by 5 feet per artist with room for a line.

This is what we need from you:

face paint removal

Face Paint Removal Instructions :

Face Paint Removal Instructions
Things to know

Why A Face Painting Mom?  

Because we are simply the very best.


 We are the only face painting company in Central Ohio to have an artist sit for the prestigious Exam of the International Face Painting Association and pass it.


 A proud member of FACE, Martha Robbins is the only locally, Nationally and Internationally certified Professional Face Painter in Columbus and she attends multiple conventions and continuing education yearly to bring you the very finest and up to date trends in face painting artistry and entertainment safety.  You will not find more dedication or professionalism anywhere.  WE are the very best you can hire.   

State and Local professional certification through:

International and National professional certification through:

7 year attendee at Kapital Kidvention!

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