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Temporary Tattoos

A Face Painting Mom is thrilled to offer you Temporary Tattoos to adorn your guests and celebrate your occasion!

290 selections on our full board, there is something for everyone!  Great when you want something to last, these are water proof and are dry instantly!  No mess!  

Glitter Tattoos


Our Glitter Tattoos are so much different than people expect.  Time and time again, customers are amazed as our artists apply the complicated multi-part stencils and pull details and colors seemingly out of thin air.

Our artists use high end Cosmetic Grade Glitters developed especially for the trade, and in such an array of colors you cannot imagine.


Airbrush Tattoos

Perfect for tween and teen parties, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Debutantes, and Special Events,  our airbrush tattoos are applied with a professional airbrush using skin safe cosmetic inks and last up to a week!


Waterproof, weather proof, and sweat proof, airbrush tattoos are great for pool parties and hot-weather events. A ridiculous amount of designs to choose from!

Sports teams, school logos, family names, and other custom designs available with advance notice.


Our inks are especially designed to be waterproof and gentle to skin and come in an assortment of colors.


Our equipment is cleaned and properly maintained after each engagement.  We invest in the best compressors and brushes for a comfortable, quiet experience you will enjoy.

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